Message from Principal

Dear Students, Staff and Parents,

Welcome to the New School Year!

Greetings to you from the Calorx Public School! Schooling should be fun to the children, along with imparting knowledge in best planned manner, and giving the student a safe environment.

There is a growing realization that the existing education structure of objective methodology of gaining knowledge has not proved beneficial and that there is a total lack of relevance between the human beings and the contemporary society. We educate the children to acquire, to experience to analyse, to interpret, to compare, to evaluate, to judge, to formulate opinions.

To educate the children to store into memory the symbols, concept, ideas, theories, which have been developed and organised by society and this they learn to fragmentary view of life. No One educates the children, the art of looking or observing and listen to observe is to be attentive without a motivation, and no comparing with reaction and projection of the past. No one educates the dynamics of their minds, which bestows on them the perceptive sensitivity to commune with the unconditioned all concious energy. We don't educate the children to enhance their sensitivity so that they can perceive the wholenenss.

We crave for love, understanding, peace, freedom, but society does not educate us to any of these, instead it teaches us to be competitive, violent, greedy, slaves and living with the accepted norms, values, criteria fed into us is a part of our heritage.

We shall strive to educate our students in the true sense by helping them to be mature and free to flower. All the best.

Warm regards,
Nirali Paras Dagli

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